Rational Book Shelf

Mindposts editors have combed through thousands of books to select the best titles for rational kids of all ages.  Books are selected based on their themes and the sense of life they express.  In these pages you will find heroic characters, brave actions, intelligent choices, and individual empowerment.  Think of these books as what to read in the years before you read a complex and serious book like Atlas Shrugged, or what you can read after you have read it, and want to find complementary books.

NOTE: We are just getting started entering books to the lists.  There are over 200 in all at this point, and more discovered or recommended every week.

Here are the book lists in Five categories:

Elementary Books (Grammar school, beginning readers, picture books, story books, read along, read aloud)

Intermediate (Junior High, Anthem, short chapter books, simple themes, familiar subjects, easy language)

Advanced (High School, The Fountainhead, Classic literature, complex themes, rich language, more mature and deep subjects)

Atlas Shrugged (For College students, or advanced high school readers. Includes reader guides and teacher aides.)

Parenting and Teaching  (Helpful books, non-fiction guides and reference)

The books listed here are mostly romantic realism, or heroic non-fiction.  Ayn Rand best describes her conception of Romantic Realism: “I am a Romantic in the sense that I present men as they ought to be. I am Realistic in the sense that I place them here and now and on this earth.”

There are several reading and book leveling measurements, but grade level is familiar and universal.  The books are grouped into school grades, with the titles sorted based on subject, vocabulary, length, and comprehension.  Most are novels, with a few history and biographies. 

We avoided listing too much fantasy and sci-fi, even though strong objective and libertarian themes are common in those genres.  Fantastic stories make it harder to connect the themes to real life, plus they tend to be less lit, andmore pulp.   

The books listed on Mindposts have been vetted and recommended by parents, teachers, authors, and librarians.  If you would like to suggest a title or send us a review, let us know.