Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand’s novel is a wonderful synthesis of art and philosophy.  Grand themes, compelling plot, heroic characters. 

On top of all that, it is a whole lot of book. Almost 1,300 pages. Big Ideas. Philosophical sililoqies. Love Triangles.

It is not a book for the immature.  Hopefully there are plenty of books listed on Mindposts to read as ramp-up to Atlas Shrugged.  Anthem and The Fountainhead are almost prerequisites for a young person to read before graduating to AS.  If your student is diving in for the first time, take advantage of the resources listed here.  Talk to her about the actions and ideas.  Talk about real world parallels.

Click here for the PDF Atlas Shrugged Teacher’s Guide from the Ayn Rand Institute.

Ayn Rand Education has a really nice suite of tools and guides for AS and Ayn Rand’s other works.  There classroom materials, lesson plans, as well as home school materials.