Objectively funny: Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness

It is rare to find an objectivist minded character on TV.  Ron Swanson, is the Director of the Parks and Recreation for Pawnee, Indiana is such a man.  NBS’s sitcom Parks and Recreation is a mockumentary set in a small town civic bureaucracy headed by a cranky, anti-government libertarian named Ron Swanson, played by actor Nick […]

Where is John Galt? At lululemon.

lululemon asks "Who is John Galt?"

This month, lululemon, the upscale and upbeat ladies athletic wear shops, put “Who is John Galt?” on all their shopping bags.

Until today, when I saw a bag on the BART train in San Francisco, I never thought of visiting a lululemon store.  I have never had the need for, nor […]

Join the strike with John Galt, April 15th

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 premieres in movie theaters on April 15th.

Strike with John Galt!

Will you call in in sick?
Will you take a vacation day?
Will you “work from home”?
Or will you simply disappear?

If you really need to, block out the time in Outlook so you don’t get in trouble.

Join the strikers, do not go to work, and […]

Dive into ABC’s Shark Tank

Set TiVO, gather the kids, and turn off the phone, Shark Tank is BACK!  Shark Tank is a reality TV show that pushes hopeful inventors and entrepreneurs up into the deep end to convince a panel of venture capitalist business tycoons to invest in them.  The new season starts Friday night, Mar 25th, on ABC TV.  […]

RAND-O-Matic: the most heroic widget ever!

The human ability for hope and accomplishment is boundless.  These heroic traits are exemplified by strong, confident, able literary characters from Ayn Rand’s novels: Dagny Taggart, John Galt, Hank Rearden, Kira Argounova, and Howard Roark.  Heroes do not pray for a solution, or wish for success, or wait for Fortune.  Heroes make their Fortunes with their […]

Exclusive Interview: Charles Santino – writer/producer of ANTHEM the Graphic Novel

Exclusive MindPosts.com interview with Charles Santino, the writer/producer of ANTHEM – The Graphic Novel

Charles Santino and Joe Staton collaborating in studio on ANTHEM graphic novel. Photo by Michael Weisbrot.

When I heard the announcement of the graphic novelization of Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, I was intrigued and excited.  The original novella is a very approachable story […]

Book Preview: Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM – The Graphic Novel (with Video)

Just saw this cool item in Publisher’s Weekly.  A graphic novel version of Ayn Rand’s novel ANTHEM is hitting Amazon and bookstores on February 1st, 2011.

If you are not familiar with the original novella by Rand, here is a blurb from the publisher New American Library/Penguin:

The controversial classic work of one individual’s will […]

Free to Be…Marlo Thomas

I was too little to have a proper crush on Marlo Thomas back in the 70s, but for me she idealized what every cool older sister, hip aunt, or groovy babysitter ought to be.  Throughout her entire career she has been a symbol of, and activist for, individual empowerment.  From “That Girl” in 1966 where she […]

Objectivism and Art at the Smithsonian

 I love the intersection of art and philospohy, and sharing that passion with others.  It is why I started mindposts and explore that intersection through literature.  Luc Travers is a school teacher, art critic, and objectivist.  He gives private tours of the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Smithsonian in DC.  The article below in the Washtington City […]

Mindposts has published a book on Kindle/iPhone – Calumet K

Kindle readers and iPhone owners, check out Calumet “K” by Samuel Merwin and Henry Kitchell Webster.  Mindposts has published this out of print book for digital readers.

Ayn Rand’s favorite novel. Calumet K is entertaining light fiction, but projects a heroic sense of life based on pride, perseverance, and competence. Our version of the eBook features […]