Is your kid getting books for Christmas? Hope he is more grateful than this spoiled brat. Note the Wii and other gifts!

Solution: ALWAYS get your kids books for Christmas so they expect a gift that will entertain and […]

Rational lessons from The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (published in 1964 by Harper & Row) is a favorite of teachers and librarians.  It has achieved “timeless classic” status despite a horrible overt message.  But Objectivist parents should not avoid the book because of what it seems to portray.   The Giving Tree is ubiquitous and your child is likely […]

Teller “talks” about Atlas Shrugged

The silent partner in the magical duo Penn and Teller opened up to the NY Post about his favorite books and what is in his library.

Here is what he had to say about Atlas Shrugged.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
The fable that clarifies everything about the importance of the individual, and how a smart person […]

Google’s new eBookstore: between the covers

My first impressions of Google’s new eBookstore.

Over the past few years, Google has undertaken the task of digitizing millions of books and have made the content searchable.  As a search company, this is a good thing for all.

The side-effect of scanning all this data into digits is that Google is now sitting on the world’s largest […]

Your reading speed and the value of a book

My friend Guido Henkel is the author of the thrilling Jason Dark novels. He just posted this blog item What’s your reading speed?

He poses an interesting question about time spent reading a book, the price of the book, and the value to the reader.  Guido has a pretty objective way of pricing his books.  Entertainment is […]

Free to Be…Marlo Thomas

I was too little to have a proper crush on Marlo Thomas back in the 70s, but for me she idealized what every cool older sister, hip aunt, or groovy babysitter ought to be.  Throughout her entire career she has been a symbol of, and activist for, individual empowerment.  From “That Girl” in 1966 where she […]

Celebrate a rational holiday with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

Taking Back Christmas with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

UPDATE December 2017: the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book has been updated for 2017 with new verses and all new illustrations by a professional artist. Find the new version at where you can download the PDF for free, or order a printed and bound version from Amazon

Multiculturalism and […]

Notes from the Elementary School Book Fair

Today I worked at the book fair at my daughter’s elementary school. The fair concept itself was kinda old school, and reminded me of the same Scholastic book sales when I was a kid in the 70s/80s. It was interesting to see what was being sold, and what was being bought. […]

How Texas is forcing Creationism into your kid’s textbook

I want to share this eye opening article by Mariah Blake of the Washington Monthly.  The elevator version is that Christian Fundamentalists, Texas school board laws, and the recession have formed a perfect storm to erode reason and Darwinian evolution from school text books across the country.

Below is a snippet:

Battles over textbooks are nothing new, especially […]

Mindposts has published a book on Kindle/iPhone – Calumet K

Kindle readers and iPhone owners, check out Calumet “K” by Samuel Merwin and Henry Kitchell Webster.  Mindposts has published this out of print book for digital readers.

Ayn Rand’s favorite novel. Calumet K is entertaining light fiction, but projects a heroic sense of life based on pride, perseverance, and competence. Our version of the eBook features […]