The Battlelines in the War on Christmas

A group benignly called the American Family Association put together a handy Naughty or Nice list of major retailers and their stances on Christmas. I am American, I have a family, and I love Xmas! Virgins and barn babies are not required by the AFA; their picks are based on a company’s use/avoidance/ ban of the word “CHRISTMAS” in advertising. Using holiday imagery but failing to use the word is seen as censoring Christmas by the AFA. […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The King’s Speech (Ignore the R rating!)

The King’s Speech is a terrific film about a teacher and a student.  In this case the teacher is an unorthodox Australian speech therapist, and the student is a man who will soon be the King of England.  Despite the R rating by the MPAA, the film is appropriate for families with children ten and up.  […]

Editing the #@$% out of Mark Twain

Some people are outraged at a new version of Huckleberry Finn with edits for political correctness.  I love books, hate censorship, loathe racism, and really enjoyed The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  I prefer the original text, but have no problem with an edited version.

The uproar is because NewSouth publishing is releasing an edited […]

Talking to kids about WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is all over the news this week and kids are bound to ask about it.  My oldest daughter is 12, and she was interested enough to bring it up. The name is kinda fun to say for kids, as well as for news people who parrot it all over TV and radio.

The Wiki prefix is […]

Change your ringtone about banning cell phones in school

Imagine a school where every student has a connected personal computer at their desk.  Now imagine that it is not one school, but every school in America.  Now kick up the fantasy a notch and imagine that all this was available at no charge to you the taxpayer.  That’s right.  Free personal connected computers for every […]

Never Mind the Sex Pistols (until you graduate)

Up in Forks, Washington, the place where the sparkly vampire movies were filmed, a cadre of high school students are fighting for Anarchy in the W.A.! 

After one student was sent home to change out of a Sex Pistols T-Shirt, the next day a student leader handed out two dozen Sex Pistol shirts for students to wear […]

TV awesomeness is up 2400%

The self appointed vanguards of censoring speech, the Parent’s Television Council, just released a very inspiring report about the use of indecent language on broadcast primetime TV.

The bad news first. Fans of “damn” and “bastard”, you will be disappointed to know that usage of those words went down in this study compared to five years […]