Tim Tebow: Christian Taliban

Superstar NFL quarterback Tim Tebow looks like an All-American guy, but he has more in common with the Taliban than with our Founding Fathers.

Tebow has made a public spectacle of his religiosity.  Genuflecting on the field in a move that has become known as “Tebowing“. Filming a documentary about his biblical indoctrination as a home-schooled boy by […]

Albertopolis: Cathedrals of Enlightenment

In the posh Kensington area of London, just south of Hyde Park, there is a veritable Vatican of the mind with three cathedrals to human ability. Albertopolis!

Albertopolis is the area of London that contains three of the greatest museums on earth:

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Natural History Museum
and the Science Museum

Imagine The Smithsonian, The […]

How crazy is your teacher?

In our demon haunted world, it is not easy raising rational young individuals that regard things objectively.  It gets harder when so many people in their lives, especially teachers, are bats in the belfry.  A kid can have a hundred different teachers from kindergarten through high school. So if 20% believe in witchcraft, 20 of your […]

How Texas is forcing Creationism into your kid’s textbook

I want to share this eye opening article by Mariah Blake of the Washington Monthly.  The elevator version is that Christian Fundamentalists, Texas school board laws, and the recession have formed a perfect storm to erode reason and Darwinian evolution from school text books across the country.

Below is a snippet:

Battles over textbooks are nothing new, especially […]