Where is John Galt? At lululemon.

lululemon asks "Who is John Galt?"

This month, lululemon, the upscale and upbeat ladies athletic wear shops, put “Who is John Galt?” on all their shopping bags.

Until today, when I saw a bag on the BART train in San Francisco, I never thought of visiting a lululemon store.  I have never had the need for, nor […]

The Bolshevik Occupation of Wall Street

I put together this connection today.

The Occupy protesters are The 99%, the Majority; the Russian word for majority is большинство, which is the source of the term […]

Atlas Shrugged Movie: Rearden Steel Logo Wallpaper

Who is Hank Rearden?  He is the steel industrialist who invents an amazing new alloy in Atlas Shrugged.  As one of the main characters, we see the effects of the Strike and the mandates of government thugs through his eyes and actions.

These wallpapers feature the official Rearden Steel logo used in the upcoming movie.  Check out […]

Join the strike with John Galt, April 15th

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 premieres in movie theaters on April 15th.

Strike with John Galt!

Will you call in in sick?
Will you take a vacation day?
Will you “work from home”?
Or will you simply disappear?

If you really need to, block out the time in Outlook so you don’t get in trouble.

Join the strikers, do not go to work, and […]

Dive into ABC’s Shark Tank

Set TiVO, gather the kids, and turn off the phone, Shark Tank is BACK!  Shark Tank is a reality TV show that pushes hopeful inventors and entrepreneurs up into the deep end to convince a panel of venture capitalist business tycoons to invest in them.  The new season starts Friday night, Mar 25th, on ABC TV.  […]

RAND-O-Matic: the most heroic widget ever!

The human ability for hope and accomplishment is boundless.  These heroic traits are exemplified by strong, confident, able literary characters from Ayn Rand’s novels: Dagny Taggart, John Galt, Hank Rearden, Kira Argounova, and Howard Roark.  Heroes do not pray for a solution, or wish for success, or wait for Fortune.  Heroes make their Fortunes with their […]

Your reading speed and the value of a book

My friend Guido Henkel is the author of the thrilling Jason Dark novels. He just posted this blog item What’s your reading speed?

He poses an interesting question about time spent reading a book, the price of the book, and the value to the reader.  Guido has a pretty objective way of pricing his books.  Entertainment is […]

Privatized education in the developing world

Kristof observes: It’s a blunt truth that is politically incorrect, heartbreaking, frustrating and ubiquitous: It’s that if the poorest families spent as much money educating their children as they do on wine, cigarettes and prostitutes, their children’s prospects would be transformed. […]