These are your kids on BOOKS

George Takei posted this on Facebook and I had to […]

Albertopolis: Cathedrals of Enlightenment

In the posh Kensington area of London, just south of Hyde Park, there is a veritable Vatican of the mind with three cathedrals to human ability. Albertopolis!

Albertopolis is the area of London that contains three of the greatest museums on earth:

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Natural History Museum
and the Science Museum

Imagine The Smithsonian, The […]

How to get kids to learn science

Here is a funny comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal with a suggestion on how to get kids to pay attention in science class. I double dog dare any of you teachers out there to print it out and paste it in your class’s science texts!

It is almost as cool as Christ on […]


Is your kid getting books for Christmas? Hope he is more grateful than this spoiled brat. Note the Wii and other gifts!

Solution: ALWAYS get your kids books for Christmas so they expect a gift that will entertain and […]

Rational lessons from The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (published in 1964 by Harper & Row) is a favorite of teachers and librarians.  It has achieved “timeless classic” status despite a horrible overt message.  But Objectivist parents should not avoid the book because of what it seems to portray.   The Giving Tree is ubiquitous and your child is likely […]

Big Mommy Michelle Obama will feed your kids

In ancient Rome, it was customary for candidates for public office to woo voters with free grain.  In fact, feeding Rome with plenty of free and subsidized grain became the central preoccupation of most Consuls and Emperors. Well fed Romans were docile Romans.

Jesus Christ handed out free fish, bread, and wine.  People worshiped that guy.

Herbert Hoover […]

Rick’s Christmas LEGOs

Here are some LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations) I built for Christmas.  I am a fan of LEGO for kids of all ages.  In one toy you get expression, engineering, creativity, storytelling, tactile hand eye coordination, geometry, and so much more.

If you plan on buying your kids LEGO for Christmas, please check out the LEGO deals at  Your order will kick back a few cents to me so I can buy more Lego for me (and maybe for my kids!) Also you can check out MindPosts clever Gift Guide for the smart kids and families on your list.

Modeling Christmas scenes in LEGO captures the fun and whimsy of the holiday.  What is more Christmas than a LEGO Baby Jesus?!?

Hopefully there are some modeling tips you can use in making your own LEGO scenes. Enjoy!

LEGO Christmas Tree and the Santa Express Train.  MORE below…

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Celebrate a rational holiday with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

Taking Back Christmas with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

UPDATE December 2017: the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book has been updated for 2017 with new verses and all new illustrations by a professional artist. Find the new version at where you can download the PDF for free, or order a printed and bound version from Amazon

Multiculturalism and […]