Tim Tebow: Christian Taliban

Superstar NFL quarterback Tim Tebow looks like an All-American guy, but he has more in common with the Taliban than with our Founding Fathers.

Tebow has made a public spectacle of his religiosity.  Genuflecting on the field in a move that has become known as “Tebowing“. Filming a documentary about his biblical indoctrination as a home-schooled boy by […]

The Bolshevik Occupation of Wall Street

I put together this connection today.

The Occupy protesters are The 99%, the Majority; the Russian word for majority is большинство, which is the source of the term […]

Police lay the Smackdown on WWE Superstar for Jaywalking

Is the penalty for jay-walking getting your @$$ kicked by a team of cops?  It was in Ohio for Shad “TheBeast” Gaspard, former WWE Superstar.  TMZ was there and caught the incident on tape, along with eye witnesses aghast at the Columbus PD response to an innocent, victimless crime.

One side effect of a big, corrupt octopus […]

Playlist for a Revolution

As revolutions spread across Northern Africa and the Middle East, what songs will best foment freedom?  What songs would you play if you were a rebel Pirate Radio DJ?  Or if you where handing out thousands of cheap MP3 players to the crowds? (which brings up an interesting debate. Is pirate radio dead in the era […]

Video: Lilliputian Liberty

Lilliputian Liberty.  This is a cute 3 minute video that illustrates a simple problem (which end of an egg is best to crack?) and how best to address it (government or individuals).  It focuses on the importance of pausing to consider whether government involvement is the best way to address an issue.  It is produced by […]

Big Mommy Michelle Obama will feed your kids

In ancient Rome, it was customary for candidates for public office to woo voters with free grain.  In fact, feeding Rome with plenty of free and subsidized grain became the central preoccupation of most Consuls and Emperors. Well fed Romans were docile Romans.

Jesus Christ handed out free fish, bread, and wine.  People worshiped that guy.

Herbert Hoover […]

Israel: The Atheist’s Promised Land

When one thinks of Israel, what comes to mind?: the bible, religious conflict, Judaism, the Holy Land. I just got back from a week long business trip to Tel Aviv, and found the people of Israel to be very secular and free thinking.  Americans can learn from the Israelis about religious tolerance and keeping religion out […]

Historical Humor. Political attack ads from 1800. Jefferson vs Adams

For links to the stories and historical sources of the statements made in the video […]

Massachusetts Libertarians: Don’t waste your vote on BROWN.

If you support the ideals of the Founding Fathers, Ayn Rand, or the Libertarians, do not waste your vote on Scott Brown. I have no idea who candidate Joe Kennedy is, but by standing for Libertarian and free-market ideals, he stands in contrast to the stagnation in Washington D.C. The Libertarian Kennedy’s 3-5% of the vote is the margin between Coakley and Brown. That Libertarian vote will be heard louder than another Republican or Democrat making it to the Senate. […]

President Obama to make unprecedented address to all public school students – September 8th

 In advance of the address to students, the US Dept of Ed prepared the notes for teachers below.  The content of the address is not yet known, but the notes below can assist parents to prepare their kids to objectively consider the call, the need for the call, and eventually the content. 

PreK-6 Menu of Classroom Activities:
President […]