Dive into ABC’s Shark Tank

Set TiVO, gather the kids, and turn off the phone, Shark Tank is BACK!  Shark Tank is a reality TV show that pushes hopeful inventors and entrepreneurs up into the deep end to convince a panel of venture capitalist business tycoons to invest in them.  The new season starts Friday night, Mar 25th, on ABC TV.  […]

Discovery of Extra-terrestrial life will fuel Romantic visions

As our world expands, so do the visions of philosophers, poets and painters.  Man’s sense of adventure and discovery, of place and purpose, ascends to the highest Romantic heights when science leads the way to the future.

This month, a NASA scientist Dr. Richard B. Hoover published a report on his discovery of fossil evidence […]

Albertopolis: Cathedrals of Enlightenment

In the posh Kensington area of London, just south of Hyde Park, there is a veritable Vatican of the mind with three cathedrals to human ability. Albertopolis!

Albertopolis is the area of London that contains three of the greatest museums on earth:

The Victoria and Albert Museum
The Natural History Museum
and the Science Museum

Imagine The Smithsonian, The […]

Exclusive Interview: Charles Santino – writer/producer of ANTHEM the Graphic Novel

Exclusive MindPosts.com interview with Charles Santino, the writer/producer of ANTHEM – The Graphic Novel

Charles Santino and Joe Staton collaborating in studio on ANTHEM graphic novel. Photo by Michael Weisbrot.

When I heard the announcement of the graphic novelization of Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, I was intrigued and excited.  The original novella is a very approachable story […]

My London trip reading list

I have been to the UK a few times, but mostly up north in the glorious Cheshire and Peak District area in Bollington.  For my first trip I read two books that really helped me, as an American, dive into England.  If you are traveling there for the first time, do read Bryson and grab a […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The King’s Speech (Ignore the R rating!)

The King’s Speech is a terrific film about a teacher and a student.  In this case the teacher is an unorthodox Australian speech therapist, and the student is a man who will soon be the King of England.  Despite the R rating by the MPAA, the film is appropriate for families with children ten and up.  […]

I don’t watch The Bachelor (but bachelorette Ashley S. loves Atlas Shrugged)

The Bachelor is back on ABC TV this week.  I think it is the dumbest idea for a reality show (love and marriage crammed into a can). They repeatedly fail so spectacularly at making matches. The show does not work.   Between you and me, I much prefer Millionaire Matchmaker, and watching Patty get down to […]

Top TV shows of 2010 illustrate America’s Sense of Life

Americans like romantic, optimistic stories where heroes triumph.  This shines best through the top watched TV shows.  Detectives, special agents, doctors, and lawyers working for good and fighting for justice dominate the top shows of 2010.

People choose art and entertainment that shares their sense of life.  A person’s sense of life is their view of themselves, […]

Rational lessons from The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (published in 1964 by Harper & Row) is a favorite of teachers and librarians.  It has achieved “timeless classic” status despite a horrible overt message.  But Objectivist parents should not avoid the book because of what it seems to portray.   The Giving Tree is ubiquitous and your child is likely […]