Dive into ABC’s Shark Tank

Set TiVO, gather the kids, and turn off the phone, Shark Tank is BACK!  Shark Tank is a reality TV show that pushes hopeful inventors and entrepreneurs up into the deep end to convince a panel of venture capitalist business tycoons to invest in them.  The new season starts Friday night, Mar 25th, on ABC TV.  […]

Police lay the Smackdown on WWE Superstar for Jaywalking

Is the penalty for jay-walking getting your @$$ kicked by a team of cops?  It was in Ohio for Shad “TheBeast” Gaspard, former WWE Superstar.  TMZ was there and caught the incident on tape, along with eye witnesses aghast at the Columbus PD response to an innocent, victimless crime.

One side effect of a big, corrupt octopus […]

Video: Robert Tercek on This Week in Books

My friend Robert Tercek appears on TWiBooks with hosts Lisa Johnson Mandell and Sam Osborn. Robert’s head is around all things digital media. I worked with Robert in mobile games back in the day, and he is super smart and forward thinking.  It is a 29 minute episode and he comes in at about 10mins to […]

Book Preview: Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM – The Graphic Novel (with Video)

Just saw this cool item in Publisher’s Weekly.  A graphic novel version of Ayn Rand’s novel ANTHEM is hitting Amazon and bookstores on February 1st, 2011.

If you are not familiar with the original novella by Rand, here is a blurb from the publisher New American Library/Penguin:

The controversial classic work of one individual’s will […]

Video: Lilliputian Liberty

Lilliputian Liberty.  This is a cute 3 minute video that illustrates a simple problem (which end of an egg is best to crack?) and how best to address it (government or individuals).  It focuses on the importance of pausing to consider whether government involvement is the best way to address an issue.  It is produced by […]


Is your kid getting books for Christmas? Hope he is more grateful than this spoiled brat. Note the Wii and other gifts!

Solution: ALWAYS get your kids books for Christmas so they expect a gift that will entertain and […]

Terrific coverage of the Atheist Xmas Coloring Book

The coloring book has picked up by several media outlets and has received really good coverage.  Check out my appearance on FoxNews below.

It was also covered by the Wall Street Journal, Breitbart.tv, the Oklahoman news, as well as scores of blogs and hundreds of tweets.

So far the coloring book has been downloaded over 10,000 times!  Please […]

Change your ringtone about banning cell phones in school

Imagine a school where every student has a connected personal computer at their desk.  Now imagine that it is not one school, but every school in America.  Now kick up the fantasy a notch and imagine that all this was available at no charge to you the taxpayer.  That’s right.  Free personal connected computers for every […]

Bullying: Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone!

Stefan Molyneux drops science about bullying,  and how teachers, the unions, and government have been role models for bullying in the classroom.

Stefan’s excellent website […]

Free to Be…Marlo Thomas

I was too little to have a proper crush on Marlo Thomas back in the 70s, but for me she idealized what every cool older sister, hip aunt, or groovy babysitter ought to be.  Throughout her entire career she has been a symbol of, and activist for, individual empowerment.  From “That Girl” in 1966 where she […]