Celebrate a rational holiday with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

Taking Back Christmas with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

UPDATE December 2017: the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book has been updated for 2017 with new verses and all new illustrations by a professional artist. Find the new version at AtheistChristmas.org where you can download the PDF for free, or order a printed and bound version from Amazon

Multiculturalism and political correctness are ruining the “happy holidays” for those who love Christmas.  There is no shame in celebrating Christmas as a time of love and joy.   Families should share and celebrate the true roots of the season.  For this reason, MindPosts.com has created the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book. Even little atheist boys and girls deserve a Merry Christmas!

The free coloring book is annotated with rhyming couplets to promote the true meaning of Christmas.  In the clash over Christmas between political correctness, and religious proselytizing, Christmas loving atheists are left out in the cold. Love, family, sharing and merriment should transcend narrow-mindedness.

The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book is for families who want to enjoy a Christmas holiday free from religion.  Around the world, and throughout time, people have celebrated a mid-winter holiday with their families. Today, this wonderful time of year is known most commonly as Christmas.  It is rich with traditions and embedded in our cultural fabric, and can be embraced even by atheists.

Godless children are often bullied for approaching life rationally.  This often comes to a head at Christmas, when holiday and belief are pushed into one.  There is no contradiction in celebrating Christmas, and not believing in gods.  The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book provides “reason for the season” to firm up rational foundations for Christmas, and building the self esteem of rational children.

My wife and I are raising rational atheist kids, and in our house we celebrate Christmas. Tree and stockings, love and joy, food and cheer, family and friends.  We continue our family traditions and enjoy sharing the fruits of our intelligence and productivity.

I am pro-Christmas.  I am a fan. My family celebrates it, my closest free thinking friends celebrate it.  If you are on the fence about it, or even Anti Christmas, please re-consider.

Christmas is part of our Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian Western tradition.  It has always been a special time of year across diverse cultures.  It need not be dedicated to mysticism and supernatural nonsense.  Atheists can embrace Christmas as a mid-winter celebration with friends and family.  It is a wonderful time to share family traditions and discuss the rational roots that keep your family strong.

Download the free Atheist Christmas Coloring Book PDF file here

To share the joy of the season, MindPosts has created the free Atheist Christmas Coloring Book which you can get here.  Please download, forward, print, and share with your family.  The PDF is 12 pages, 1mb, and opens in a new window.  You can also right-click to save it to your computer.  The coloring book presents a rational spin on the holiday in rhyming couplets.

I also recommend the book The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas, which features pieces by Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, and many more.

For clever Christmas gif ideas for smart kids and families, check out the MindPosts Smart Gift Guide.

And don’t miss Rick’s Christmas LEGOs!

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42 comments to Celebrate a rational holiday with the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

  • oldestgeek

    This is part of what I call atheology. Atheism strictly means no beliefs. Most atheists seem to have a complex and byzantine set of non-beliefs and ideas about and/or against this and that having to do with religion.

    Get over it! If you have no belief, why spend all that energy on it? Hmm!

  • abadidea

    “Get over it! If you have no belief, why spend all that energy on it? Hmm!”

    oldestgeek: most of us are mired in a culture of theism that wants to drown us out, silence us, make us go away, however you want to phrase it. We have to actively combat Christian theology to protect ourselves and our rights. Otherwise there would still be witch burnings and stoning of heretics.

  • Atheista

    This is great! I love the coloring book!

    Oldestgeek, your comment reveals how clueless you are about atheism. It’s also pretty amusing to see that you give yourself credit for coining the word atheology, because surely noone’s ever heard that word before YOU spoke it. Atheism 101 lesson for you: atheism doesn’t mean ‘NO beliefs’, so please don’t be an ignorant dumbass. Atheism means no belief in any gods or supernatural entities. Atheists BELIEVE IN humanity, nature, evidence and reality that we can observe with our evolved senses and science. We do NOT believe in anyone’s mere words, or the words of primitive people who didn’t know any better. You religionists claim ‘nothing can come from nothing’ but you don’t grasp the concept that you are claiming EXACTLY THAT when you invoke an imaginary entity and call it god! …you claim that a complex god magically appeared out of nowhere and somehow magically got powers to create everything… sooo, you need no further explanation then that?! You don’t ask where he comes from and how he did it and question the inconsistencies? That explains NOTHING of our origins! It blows my mind how religious fools can be complacent in such a simplistic childlike answer to the complex questions of our universe and ourselves: a god did it. I believed it too when it was taught to me as a child… but then I grew up and began to think for myself.

    Atheists BELIEVE things ONLY on the basis of EVIDENCE. How is that ‘NO beliefs’? Explain that please. Obviously you were just talking out of your ass, as is expected of blind-faith-religionists. You don’t know for sure that invisible pink unicorns don’t exist, you simply state that you don’t believe in them (and don’t decide to worship them) because you have not seen evidence for them…. you can say this about any conceivable imaginary character… well it’s exactly the same for an atheist with any imaginary supernatural entity that is conjured up by another human being in their own tiny mind. Science books actually CHANGE over time to ADJUST for new information and to reflect discoveries… it’s called PROGRESS… it’s called EVOLVING and LEARNING from the cumulative vast sea of human knowledge … and the Bible is a little behind in the factual updates department …perfectly reflecting the general stereotypical Christian position, far behind the social evolution curve; ie, inequality, racism, banning of gay marriage, anti-abortion, war on drugs, and the list goes on, all while most Christians claim to be right wing conservative Republicans, who spew about how they are all for personal freedom. HA! What hypocrisy.

    The fact is, science actually works, and is validated through evidence and all the awesome marvels of the modern world, all is a result of science. Evidence is that which cannot be denied by rational people. Religion has ZERO evidence. It has myth and personal revelation – stories and attempts at explaining that which you cannot understand by MAKING IT UP. Religion DOES have violence, servitude, obedience, worship, sexual repression, delusion, guilt and fear instilled and indoctrinated into the malleable minds of the children who cannot escape the brainwashing of their crazy parents and/or cultures. Excuse me if your personal revelations are irrelevant to the SANE of us. Just because you are too lazy to learn the science, and too stupid to understand evidence, doesn’t mean your religion explains anything better.

  • Steven

    Thanks, I love the rhymes and will share this with people.

  • Al

    Nice, Atheista! You nailed it.

  • Jim Bob

    Pretty stupid — the Winter Solstice holiday, however far back you go, has always been about God(s) and religion. How is atheist belief bolstered by claiming some connection with Druid or other ancient religions, that are presumably as noxious to enlightened atheist minds as Christianity? And why so much focus on Christianity? The cheap jabs at Jesus are petty. Do Western atheists feel so left out of their neighbors’ merrymaking that they must lash out in such crude ways to offend their neighbors? How about manning up and lobbing some choice insults at Muhammad and Ramadan? Or are we only willing to pick on Christians because they by and large respect Jesus’ directive to “turn the other cheek.” Anyway, a rather flimsy attempt to co-opt Christmas by unhappy people who won’t be satisfied until their neighbors are as unhappy as they are. Enjoy your time with your families and let your neighbors enjoy theirs (in the way they see fit to do it).

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  • Ted

    Durin Raoul’s sojurn, in de nethah regions,
    He done come crossa ganga swarthy stygians,
    Who be roastin some sinnahs, in a white-hot flame.
    Raoul say “What in de debil’s name,
    could dese suckahs done did, to deserve alla dis?”

    “We done caught us a flocka ATHEISTS!!!”

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  • Mary

    You say your coloring book is for people who want to enjoy the Christmas holiday free from religion. That’s like saying I want to enjoy my vacation in Hawaii without any sun, sand or surf. There wouldn’t be any “Christmas” holiday to enjoy without Christ…it’s kind of in the name. Of course you say that Christians “stole” the holiday or some such nonsense. If you want to celebrate some druidic festival of winter solstice or even make your own winter solistice holiday, well, who’s stopping you? Instead you’d rather whine about the big, bad Christians who stole your holiday, which is just silly.

    I’ve heard athiests say, on billboards even, that they want to celebrate reason this season. Well then, I say be reasonable you athiests and leave believers of whatever faith alone.

  • Dr. Al

    Absolutely LOVE the coloring book! Pay no mind to all the whining Xtians. Solstice IS the reason for the season–celebrate it any way you see fit. Xtians have been telling the non-believers for centuries that they are going to burn in hell, and now they have the temerity to be offended when we tell them they’re full of crap. Poor, sad, “persecuted” Xtians. My heart bleeds for them. Happy Solstice, everyone!

  • Pvt Patrick G. Lindley

    ok first off my cell phone number is 812.865.6503. text me if you want.

    i would like to say a few things in regards to the ‘athiest’ CHRISTmas coloring book.

    1) the word CHRIST is in CHRISTmas… does this bear no significance? CHRISTmas started as a Christian holiday to celibrate the birth of the ONE TRUE GOD and the ONE TRUE SAVIOR. now i’m not sure but that should mean something.

    2) to you athiests, i’m a fairly tolerant person in most things but when it comes to someone attacking my country or my religion, well thats something i find to be intolerble.

    3) the pagans have taken all of our christian holidays and turned them into worldy horrors. the birthday of CHRST (CHRISTmas), the resurection of GOD ALMIGHTY (Easter). and i could go on.

    i’m not saying you cant have your coloring book. i’m saying maybe you should lobby for your own holiday, like you did when you got that stupid sign hung next to the nativity, so that you stop ruining CHRISTmas for those of us who know its real meaning.

    again my number is 812.865.6503
    thank you

  • carla T

    I don’t think atheist deny that Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of their god. And most Christians I know don’t deny there are other religions, just that christianity is the one they believe in. Most religious people believer their religion is the “tru” religion or the best one for them. I know many people, my own family included – who are mostly non-practicing jews – who have celebrated Christmas since the early 1900’s. It’s just that it’s celebrated differently – who’s to say which is right. I always enjoyed going to midnight mass to enjoy the pagentry and music at the cathedral where my father’s friend was the monsignor. Our families always got together with stockings and presents and we acknowledge the right to believe whatever anyone wants to about the holiday or religion in general.

  • Private Lindley, could you explain how the, “pagans have taken all of our christian holidays and turned them into worldy horrors”, when the pagans came hundreds if not THOUSANDS of years before CHRIST was even BORN?

    “to you athiests, i’m a fairly tolerant person in most things but when it comes to someone attacking my country or my religion, well thats something i find to be intolerble.”

    Well, you ARE on an ATHEIST website, did you think they would be extoling the supposed acts of Jesus?

    Christianity shares two common threads with ALL other religions, its rules are developed to CONTROL, and they ALL promise a reward after you die. Nothing gets a slave or a poor farmer to work harder than the idea that work gets you a special place in heaven. I mean if you are in a feudal system, and you KNOW that you will NEVER be royalty, your only path to a somewhat comfortable life is to join the church. It was a ticket OUT for the poor, and a means of control for the wealthy.

    I will be honest, I am a recently converted Atheist who continues to raise my children in a religious setting for the SOLE purpose that they might run into someone like you some day, and they may have to “fake” it to get you to not JUDGE them for their failure to believe.

  • Pvt Patrick G. Lindley

    to be honest with everyone, untill this past year i was an athiest. i come from a family with deep christian roots, however, i was athiest.
    some of you may ask, ‘why the change in view?’ my only answer is, the Marines.
    now let me explain what i mean by that. during basic training i suffered a severe leg injury and was facing a medical discharge and physical disability for the rest of my life. the doctors told me that i would NEVER have full use of my left leg again.
    this is what i had to call home and tell my family. to this day i’m not sure why i did it, but i went to visit the chaplain. i am told that he prayed for several hours for my healing and for strength.
    to cut a long story short, here i am 2 months later, with full use of both legs. i can run faster than i have ever before. the doctors still cant explain my recovery.

  • Ollie

    One can not convince those who believe in the Deus Ex Machina..do not bother…
    My family and I enjoy the Solstice season with our decorated fir tree (a pagan remnant) baking traditional cookies, giving gifts of love to those who have not had the best year and entertaining close friends as the year comes to a close. It’s about appreciating life and remembering that we are of the earth.I need need nothing supernatural to complete this season of joy, sharing and introspection as the new year approaches.

  • Christ Follower-Karen

    “Let’s keep all the good stuff and give Jesus back.”- quote from page in coloring book

    WOW. I actually feel sorry for those who believe this. To be so narcissistic that we just “happened” to come along. Try reading “The Science of God” by Gerald L. Schroeder and the “Case for Christ” written by an atheist on a journery to prove the theory of God as wrong….who ended up becoming a Christ Follower himself (Lee Strobel). Really read it and see how we just “happend” to come along. It was 10 to the 120th power that we just “happened” to come along.
    I too was once an atheist, when I was selfish and believed it was just a bunch of BS to “rule” civilization. I am not saying atheists are not giving, loving, humane, and much more. But there is so much more out there and a true purpose to our lives.

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  • Dean Buchanan

    Reply to Christ Follower-Karen

    “WOW. I actually feel sorry for those who believe this.”
    (well I feel sorry for you, trapped as you are in a world of illusion, but hey, so what)

    “To be so narcissistic that we just “happened” to come along.”
    (that is the opposite of narcissistic. Narcissism is believing that it is all about you. (ring a bell?))

    “Try reading “The Science of God” by Gerald L. Schroeder and the “Case for Christ”
    (sure, after you read ‘God is Not Great’ by Christopher Hitchens, ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins, ‘Letter to a Christian Nation’ by Sam Harris, and ‘Breaking the Spell’ by Daniel Dennett. But you must really..really..really try to understand them.)

    “written by an atheist on a journery to prove the theory of God as wrong”
    (it is up to you to prove god exists, to prove that your particular understanding is the one that god (or gods) want, and then tell us how you would know if you were wrong.)

    “It was 10 to the 120th power that we just “happened” to come along.”
    (Remind me of the percentage chance that God just ‘happened’ again…)

    “I too was once an atheist, when I was selfish and believed it was just a bunch of BS to “rule” civilization.”
    (You obviously don’t understand what atheism is if you think these two things go together. You could easily be a Christian and think that the church (whichever flavor you choose) has been used as a tool of political control in a society.)

    “I am not saying atheists are not giving, loving, humane, and much more.”
    (That is so kind of you)

    But there is so much more out there and a true purpose to our lives.”
    (Really, why should I believe you?)


  • great post, thanks for sharing

  • Darrin

    To Christ Follower-Karen…
    No one in the scientific community is espousing that “we just came along”. It is millions and billions of years of an evolving universe that has led us to this point today. Any atheist who would think this is this would be ignorant.

    My biggest problem with gods and deities is the inability to see them or connect with them at will. Many of the Christians I know mention stuff like “you have to open your mind and heart to experience Christ.” Yet for something to be really true it seems it would be shared by all of us and it would be found if looked for.

    Foe example, Just because we cant see cells, atoms, and microwaves does not mean they are not there. Yet every time we look with the right tools, any of us look…they are there. It is not subjective or based on whats in my heart.

    Yet with these deities and gods not so much. How could they be real or true only for a few. And if you think you are experiencing one and some boy in India thinks he is experiencing another and some woman in Peru thinks she is experiencing another whose is possibly the one true one and not just some mental psychological construct.

  • Aly Quashen

    I just want to put a simple question

    ” How we came to believe in such an idiotic and absurd thing as God ? ”

    And why we do keep on resisting the facts of Science?

  • happilyAthiest

    I’m an atheist but I like Christmas. It’s just another reason to have a party and a good time. I even like xmas songs and singing them. I figure if I can enjoy other fairy tales then why not xmas too. 🙂

  • gareth

    I am curious people, why do many of your posts include personal insults? Like Dumass etc. Why do many take the opinions of others as a threat to your position, to who you are? Why as a species are we so judgmental of others because of their beliefs or utterances. I include myself in this, I to become offended by the utterances of others as if their error is a personal insult to me. If reading your posts has taught me anything it’s which ever side of the divide you are lighten up, life is too short to be offended by others being different to you. I do not want to convert you I am happy with you just the way you are, do the same for me and every one is happy.

  • Chris Simmons

    Lots of talkin’ Lots of sharing and from the romantic higher power believers lots of DOGMA. Good night, I love my life on this planet and I enjoy celebrating the change of seasons. I also know that doing so gives me an opportunity to come together with others that share my views and others that have escaped the oppression of organized religion but still search for a connection with some magical beings. I celebrate no magical over lords or magical beings but honor the joy of my home planet and it’s seasonal changes and the bounty it provides me and my fellow beings. I do believe that we will not pursue human organization that creates equality as long as our belief in the overseer/lord keeps us locked into a hierarchy. We will keep creating that hierarchy on this planet through churches and government. The awesome power of our human mind is that we CAN understand WE have created these books, religions, myths which means we CAN create better ideas. Let’s let go of these old myths and create useful moral codes and governments will follow…Welcome Winter.

  • Russ Pearson

    Finally, a website to believe in, unless of course you are one of those closed-minded, religious zealots who believe in such ridiculous notions as virgin birth; life after death; walking-on-water; turning water into wine; raising the dead; healing the incurably ill; coming back to life after being crucified, dead and buried; feeding the multitudes with a fish and loaf of bread and all that other heifer dust… Why can’t we all just follow the teachings of Christ and others without all the supernatural hype…which really boils down simply to practicing the Golden Rule.

  • A Creator who designed the thing, to decent. This is not a religion, it is a reality, otherwise we will not have such structure and improve the coordination of space operations.

  • Alberto Long

    I don’t care about the atheist or Christian parts of the argument.

    Why is it a Caucasian only coloring book. The normal looking outlines of people are clearly Caucasian. Egyptians, who had dark skin, are drawn a clowns. But a nice white couple, with their perfect little white kids, are drawn with care.

    So, do I conclude atheist have a Caucasian only mindset.
    Are atheist and skinheads of an equal opinion regarding Black people?

  • What a great idea for a book. Another good book is Atheists love God. It sounds strange but it is a book that explains atheists, love and God in a satirical manner that is funny and provocative. Theists have a lot to learn about us indeed.

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  • Spirit of Love

    I read through this book, to give it the benefit of the doubt. I had high hopes for a kind book for children about the “Spirit of Christmas” being sharing, appreciating family, and so forth. How sad to see such cruel words about fellow humans included in this book. Very sad to see a potentially good idea turned into discrimination and hate.

  • @oldestgeek – “Atheism” does not mean an absence of belief – it actually literally means “no deity” or “no god (or gods). But it IS a “system of beliefs” – thus making Atheism just another “religion” by definition.

  • Very well said, abadidea!

  • SandyLester

    This is such a silly conversation. There by definition can not be an atheist Christmas. Christmas is about Christ, atheists don’t beleive in Christ, there is no reason here.

  • Louis

    Proselytism of Christian Children into a belief system opposite that of Christianity is a valid cause for Christians to oppose, no?

    For those rejecting Religion, or “Christianity” in general, would you feel upset if someone went around claiming that atheism was a belief in God? Sure, you would, because it would be a lie. Calling an Atheist Christmas “Christmas” is also a lie. There is no “Christ” in an “Atheist Christmas.”

    Call it a winter solstice, or the great day of gift giving, or whatever. Don’t bother calling it Christmas, that name is taken. The deceptive use of the holiday name by those who do not believe in Christ needlessly agitates Christians.

  • Ashley Nichols


    I am confused by your response. If atheism is defined by having no diety, or no god/gods how does that make it a system of beliefs? I don’t understand how you think athiesm is a religion. Athiest have no bible, no church, and no sets of rules to follow. We just believe there is no god. How exactly is that a religion? That would be like saying that everyone who believes there is no toothfairy belonged to a religion.

  • Sarah

    This is fantastic. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am a staunch atheist. Hypocritical? Maybe in pedantry, but not in essence. For me, the holiday has always been much more about tradition than religion. I can appreciate the artistry of Christmas carols without believing the message. I love decorating the tree, baking cookies, giving/receiving presents, and spending time with my family. I adore winter weather, snowball fights, and participating in my old neighborhood-wide luminary lighting tradition. I don’t feel that believing in God or the divine birth of Jesus would add any sort of meaning to these worldly pleasures.

  • Louis

    There are godless religions out there, Confucianism for example.

    “religion” is a somewhat nebulous term. Atheism, as used, can also nebulous because there are many “philosophies” to which a given atheist ascribes too. It therefore is difficult to define as a religion per se. One definition of Religion by Rodney Stark, is that “religion consist of explanations of existence (or ultimate meaning) based on supernatural assumptions and including statements about the nature of the supernatural, which may specify methods or procedures for exchanging with the supernatural…By supernatural as defined as somewhat mysterious forces or entities that are above and beyond, or outside nature which can control, suspend, alter, or ignore the natural order.”

    Notice the complexity that is necessary to pin down what “religion” entails. That is a working definition from one major sociologist that I know of.

  • Jonathan

    I think everyone commenting here is engaged in a massive exercise in missing the point.

    This is a coloring book, aimed at the children of atheist parents, and the message is absolutely disturbing and contradictory to atheist beliefs.

    Atheists believe in rationality, in free thought, and, most importantly, they reject the “indoctrination” children of religious parents experience. And yet, this book runs totally counter to the noble atheistic priority of free thought. I think the page that illustrates this best is “Look past the myths and absurd superstitions, start your own atheist Christmas traditions.” This doesn’t encourage children to think critically or find their own answers, this calls children to mindlessly and unquestionably reject all religious thought, just as their parents have done. That is not what atheism is about, and that is not okay.

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