I don’t watch The Bachelor (but bachelorette Ashley S. loves Atlas Shrugged)

The Bachelor is back on ABC TV this week.  I think it is the dumbest idea for a reality show (love and marriage crammed into a can). They repeatedly fail so spectacularly at making matches. The show does not work.   Between you and me, I much prefer Millionaire Matchmaker, and watching Patty get down to brass tacks and match people on a deeper level and then allowing things to naturally take their course.  Gimme a break! I am the only male in the house and even my TiVO thinks like a girl.

I will not be watching The Bachelor this evening, but I might be in the room when my wife is watching it on TiVO .

That said, one of the bachelorettes/contestants has great taste in books.  Ashley S., age 26 from North Carolina  (though was last working in NYC as a nanny) was asked her all time favorite book and why.  She replied,  Atlas Shrugged – most thought provoking book I’ve ever read–also a very good love story.” Right answer.

On top of that, when asked what she’d bring if stranded on an island, Ashley said: “A Knife – most handy thing to have on an island”, while the other girls said dumb stuff like iPods, cheese, and sudoku. How did she end up on The Bachelor?

After the first week the bubbly Ashley Spivey got off on the right foot.  She got the first impression rose.

Let’s hope she realizes she is too smart for a tool like Brad.  Not that I watch.

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  • mike kloppel

    Is this one of those shows where we can vote? I’d vote for her. All the more beautiful by using her mind even that little bit expressed here!

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