Join the strike with John Galt, April 15th

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 premieres in movie theaters on April 15th.

Strike with John Galt!

  • Will you call in in sick?
  • Will you take a vacation day?
  • Will you “work from home”?
  • Or will you simply disappear?

If you really need to, block out the time in Outlook so you don’t get in trouble.

Join the strikers, do not go to work, and see the movie on the first day.

The movie is getting great preview buzz and critical praise.  The trailers and production stills look terrific, and the big visual effects look cool.

If you are in the East Bay Area of San Francisco CA, MindPosts will be at the Cinemark Walnut Creek 14 on Friday April 15th.

Mention to receive a gold (chocolate) coin.

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