Massachusetts Libertarians: Don’t waste your vote on BROWN.

In our defacto two party system, libertarians, objectivists, and other rational voters often feel like they must choose the lesser of two evils.  But be sure, voting for the least offensive democrat or republican will get guarantee a candidate who is still somewhat offensive.

The special Senate election in Massachusetts is not about healthcare, or a make or break election for the future of America.  It is a referendum on the viability of the Republican party.  By voting for Scott Brown, you are casting a vote for the two party system, and the marginalization of capitalism, reason, and individual rights.

Here is a link comparing the stances on the three candidates in Massachussetts: Scott Brown, Joseph L. Kennedy, and Martha Coakley.

Scott Brown :

  • believes every American deserves healthcare
  • supports government subsidized RomneyCare.
  • thinks government should regulate the definition of marriage, and personally would vote to discriminate against same sex couples. 
  • agrees with government regulations and mandates for “green” technologies .

Economically, he is no pinko commie, but he is not a laissez-faire capitalist either.  He sits on the economic fence (as most Republicans do) between capitalism, and keeping themselves in power.

If you support the ideals of the Founding Fathers, Ayn Rand, or the Libertarians, do not waste your vote on Scott Brown.  I have no idea who candidate Joe Kennedy is, but by standing for Libertarian and free-market ideals, he stands in contrast to the stagnation in Washington D.C.  The Libertarian Kennedy’s 3-5% of the vote is the margin between Coakley and Brown.  That Libertarian vote will be heard louder than another Republican or Democrat making it to the Senate.

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