Never Mind the Sex Pistols (until you graduate)

Up in Forks, Washington, the place where the sparkly vampire movies were filmed, a cadre of high school students are fighting for Anarchy in the W.A.! 

After one student was sent home to change out of a Sex Pistols T-Shirt, the next day a student leader handed out two dozen Sex Pistol shirts for students to wear in a peaceful protest during lunch.

So technically, if you are a kid, plus the fact that you are stuck in a government institution, you are lucky to have any freedoms you can get.  But then one of the students busted out with some Supreme Court science:

Denay Roberts, a senior and one of the protestors, cited the Tinker v. Des Moines case, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1969 that students retain their rights in school.

I love it when this happens, and kids stand up for their rights in terms and settings they understand.  For a teen, high school is their world, and asserting yourself in that setting is good practice for being a confident, outspoken adult.  I know I waved around a copy of the First Amendment at teachers and administrators when I was in high school. 

In this case some of the kids dug into the Constitution, court precedents, and the fundamental principals of self expression. The lesson learned is worth more than the average civics semester.

“Because of the nature of what was on the shirts and the way in which they were distributed and how that was causing a disruption — that is when the administration took action,” Superintendent Diana Reaume said.

Teachers and administrators should worry about education, not fashion statements. 

If you care to share your opinion directly with District Superintendent Diana Reaume, you can reach her at:
Email:   |  Tel: (360) 374-6262 x. 350

Check out the article in the Peninsula Daily News here: T-shirts prompt Forks High School students’ suspensions

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