Police lay the Smackdown on WWE Superstar for Jaywalking

Is the penalty for jay-walking getting your @$$ kicked by a team of cops?  It was in Ohio for Shad “TheBeast” Gaspard, former WWE Superstar.  TMZ was there and caught the incident on tape, along with eye witnesses aghast at the Columbus PD response to an innocent, victimless crime.

One side effect of a big, corrupt octopus of a State is that every citizen is guilty of violating some laws at any time.  This gives corrupt government workers the opportunity to punish anyone at will.  In Shad Gaspard’s case, he was guilty of being big and black at the wrong time in the wrong place.

Check out the vid here:  The exclusive TMZ footage of Shad Gaspard’s arrest

The fundamental issue here is that any relationship enforced by violence is unhealthy, be it government/citizen, parent child, or spouse/spouse.  This is a big topic over at FreeDomainRadio.com. Shad found out the hard way that the Government can assert itself directly to us through violence when we least expect it.

So what victimless crimes are you perpetrating as you read this?  When will a corrupt government official kick down your door and beat you, jail you (or worse!)?  Do you possess a downloaded copy of a song? Left your Xmas lights up after Jan14th?  Used your foot to flush a public toilet? Played dominoes on a Sunday in Alabama?  You are a criminal and the punishment may be death for resisting the authorities persecuting and prosecuting you.  Here is a list of silly laws from LawGuru.com

Proponents of Big Government like to tell civil libertarians how absurd they are for claiming that minor infractions can lead to severe, disproportionate penalties. Well Shad Gaspard bot beat down for jay walking.  If there was not a crowd and a camera, how much worse would it have been?

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