RAND-O-Matic: the most heroic widget ever!

The human ability for hope and accomplishment is boundless.  These heroic traits are exemplified by strong, confident, able literary characters from Ayn Rand’s novels: Dagny Taggart, John Galt, Hank Rearden, Kira Argounova, and Howard Roark.  Heroes do not pray for a solution, or wish for success, or wait for Fortune.  Heroes make their Fortunes with their intelligence, confidence, and sense of life.

Now, the RAND-O-Matic is a web widget that generates quotes and affirmations inspired by Randian heroes that champion objectivist virtues of Reason, Purpose, and Self-esteem.  Not everyone can build a solar rocket with a spoon, but you know who definitely can NOT? Nihilists, Socialists, Dictators, Altruists, Second-handers, and other Moochers!  The RAND-O-Matic is an inspiration for all!

The Rand-o-Matic is an automatic random quote generator that produces sentences that are sometimes silly, inspiring, or controversial, but always thought provoking.  Please repost/tweet the quotes, use the widget in your blog pages, and give us LIKE on Facebook.

You can get the script for the RAND-O-Matic HERE: http://labs.18int.com/randomatic/

The concept was conceived by Rick Marazzani of MindPosts as a way to motivate readers to consider the heights of possibility, and to goof a bit on Randian caricatures.  It was implemented by Internet veteran (plus friend and MindPosts subscriber) Leon Atkinson, of Eighteen Intelligence.  Old school DnD grognards will recognize the underlying meaning in the name of Leon’s consulting company, 18 INT.  Contact Leon to consult and develop the architecture and engineering of your internet applications to achieve CRITICAL SUCCESS.  (get it?)

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