Reason for the Season: MindPosts Gift Ideas

Great gift ideas for smart kids and families.  There should be something here for almost everyone you know.  I aimed for smart, unique, interesting, and distinctive gifts that your rational friends and family would appreciate.  Or to give someone a hint, add these to your Amazon gift wishlist!

For books that have a positive. heroic sense of life, check out our book recommendations in the Rational Book Shelf.

My #1 recommendation is the nook color from Barnes and Noble.  It is a nice Android tablet that is an eBook reader, media player, web surfer, and more.  I am a huge fan of my original nook and have packed it with hundreds of books from Google,, Gutenberg, and the public library.  I do not get a commission for pushing the nook, I am just a super fan.

I have three girls ages 2-12, and my friends have boys, plus I kept wife, grandpa and sister-in-law in mind when drafting these suggestions.  I hope I have everyone covered. If you have clever gift ideas, please post them below and share.

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