The Bolshevik Occupation of Wall Street

I put together this connection today.

The Occupy protesters are The 99%, the Majority; the Russian word for majority is большинство, which is the source of the term Bolshevik.

Q.E.D. Comrades.

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  • BirdOnOrchard

    The term Bolshevik merely means majority and the term Menshevik means minority. It’s not a “source” for the term – it IS the term; and these were the terms used during the Russian revolution to refer the two opposing factions of the revolutionary party – one of which was larger and more popular than the other. Majority in and of itself does not have a connection with Trotskyism. The term “Majority” (“Bolshevik”) later came to be a sort of nickname for the movement within the movement. Bolshevik doesn’t inherently mean Trotskyite any more than “Republican” means Trotskyite – which, to follow your logic, would be true because the Republican party currently holds the majority in congress.

    Well done for at least *trying* to be clever, though!

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