Your reading speed and the value of a book

My friend Guido Henkel is the author of the thrilling Jason Dark novels. He just posted this blog item What’s your reading speed?

He poses an interesting question about time spent reading a book, the price of the book, and the value to the reader.  Guido has a pretty objective way of pricing his books.  Entertainment is entertainment, and he compares the length of his novels to the market hourly price of entertainment.  His books offer a few hours of reading enjoyment, and he writes: “Since I decide upon the price of my dime novels based on the entertainment value I attach to them, the $2.99 sticker price of a “Jason Dark” volume could be considered too high… or maybe not.”

In the blog post, there is a link to a site that will test your reading speed and accuracy.  Maybe you read to quickly to make books a good entertainment value. But not likely.

I like Guido’s rational approach to pricing content.  In the free market of entertainment dollars, authors are not just competing with other authors, but with movies, TV,  bowling, a walk in the park, and video games.  A few bucks for a few hours diversion is a fair deal by any measure.  On the downside, by this metric Atlas Shrugged would be $300!!!

If you preferred the good old days of gothic horror fiction when good guys battled the ghoulies rather than married them, then check out the Jason Dark series of books and eBooks.

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